Eternal Perspectives

As long as people were taught the idea . . . that our true home is elsewhere, there was a certain satisfaction in the answer itself. For centuries, the idea that this world is not, by itself, our home—emotionally, spiritually, or even socially—was a compelling idea because it was enormously convincing. It unlocked a secret about human existence that seemed to fit what everyone already sensed about human suffering, human aspiration, and the desire to express life in self-giving love. Neither the flame of persecution nor the ever-present danger of disease or war could extinguish this new lease on life. . . .

Poverty was still painful but not hopeless. Illness might end in death, but death was not the absolute end. Life took on a creative and vibrant energy because it was harnessed to an overall purpose.

~ A. J. Conyers ~

[The Eclipse of Heaven]

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