Truth For Today


You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.

[MATTHEW 5:14]

The apostle Paul looked at the evil pagan world and concluded that its self-centered, useless thinking leads to darkened understanding and a hard heart. That, in turn, leads to insensitivity to sin and shameless behavior, which then leads to unblushing obscenity. And it’s not really much different today.

As believers we shouldn’t even dabble in any of the evils characteristic of unbelievers. We are to be a light on a hill, separate from the evil around us. We are to be different. A city that’s set on a hill can’t be hidden. We must stand as salt and light. But if we’re corrupted by the system, we become useless.

Our blessed Lord Jesus Christ purchased us at the cost of His own life. He gave us a new nature that is holy, undefiled, and sanctified forever. He simply asks us to live up to what He has given us by discarding our old lifestyle and taking on our new one.

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