Today With God

So Peter was kept in prison, but those in the church were earnestly praying to God for him.

[Acts 12:5 NET]

Some of His followers Christ wants to witness for Him by dying for Him. The ministry of James was short. It seems strange to us that he was not spared to live longer, to tell others of his Master. But he did the work which had been given him to do.

Others Christ wants to serve Him by living long for Him. Peter was delivered from Herod’s hands that he might continue to preach and be a blessing to many. No prison can hold a man when Christ wants him outside. Gates count for nothing when God proposes to open them. It was prayer that opened Peter’s prison.

The Christians met together and besought God for Peter’s release. Their prayer was heard, and, while they were still pleading, Peter knocked at the door. Sometimes the answers to our prayers surprise us. Peter’s friends could not believe it was him at the door, though they had been praying all night for his deliverance.

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