Prayer Guide

Do not make friends with an angry person, and do not associate with a wrathful person,

[Prov 22:24 NET]

Hast thou named all the birds without a gun?

Loved the wild rose, and left it on the stalk?

At rich men’s tables eaten bread and pulse?

Unarmed faced danger with a heart of trust?

And loved so well a high behavior,

In man or maid, that thou from speech refrained,

Nobility more noble to repay?

O, be my friend and teach me to be thine!

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

What the superior man seeks is in himself;

What the small man seeks is in others.

~ Confucius ~

Lord God,

May I live for the pure and upright, and have the blessedness of a rejoicing heart. May I yearn for the secrets of nature. Grant that my life may not seek destruction, but tenderly find and protect life.


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