Mornings With God

I will keep today the oath I swore to you by the Lord God of Israel: ‘Surely Solomon your son will be king after me; he will sit in my place on my throne.’”

[1 Kgs 1:30 NET]

David had sworn to Bathsheba that her son Solomon should reign as king. He now declares to her that his oath will be sacredly kept. One of the marks of the man who shall abide in God’s presence, is, “He sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.”

Too many persons find it very easy to “forget” to do what they have solemnly said they would do. Pledges sit very lightly upon them. Vows are thoughtlessly made, and just as thoughtlessly broken.

There should be no need for an oath – one’s simple word should be held irrevocably binding – just as binding as one’s most solemn oath. Forgetfulness is no excuse for failing to keep promises. If our memory is defective, we should put down our promises in writing, and keep them so before our minds that it will be impossible for us to forget them.

One who can be implicitly relied upon, who never fails any one who trusts in him, is like a fragment of the Rock of Ages.

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