Today With God

Absalom would then say, “If only they would make me a judge in the land! Then everyone who had a judicial complaint could come to me and I would make sure he receives a just settlement.”

[2 Sam 15:4 NET]

It is very easy to criticize others and imagine how much better we would do if we were in their place.

First Absalom poisoned the people’s mind toward David by making the impression that the king was neglectful, and that the people were suffering wrong through his neglect; next he suggested how different matters would be if he were judge in his father’s place. The treachery of such words we can see. He cared nothing for the people’s real or imaginary wrongs. He thought only of destroying their confidence in David and winning them to himself.

There always are people who think of no way of getting up but by pulling others down. It is very easy for any of us, by careless words, and even unintentionally, to disparage others and indirectly suggest how much better we would perform their duties if they were ours.

It requires a noble heart and most watchful care to be always loyal to our friends.

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