Today With God

When Joab saw that the battle would be fought on two fronts, he chose some of Israel’s best men and deployed them against the Arameans.

[2 Sam 10:9 NET]

This is a picture of our condition in this world. Whichever way we move we find enemies facing us. Joab teaches us a lesson in the art of war. He prepared to assault both the foes in the front and those in the rear. He turned no back to any enemy.

This would seem to teach that the Christian should never expose his back to the foe, but should always keep his face toward him.

Another good lesson from Joab’s movements is, his picking out his best men to fight the hardest battle, to meet the most dangerous foes. Our great Captain gives His best soldiers His hardest fighting to do. If any of us think we have sorer temptations than others have, that the enemies who come against us are harder to overcome than those our neighbors have to meet, let us remember that Christ picks His soldiers, putting the best and bravest where the battle will be hardest.

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