Prayer Guide

A faithful person will have an abundance of blessings, but the one who hastens to gain riches will not go unpunished.

[Prov 28:20 NET]

Hard ye may be in the tumult,

Red to your battle hilts;

Blow give blow in the foray,

Cunningly ride in the tilts.

But tenderly, unbeguiled

Turn to a woman a woman’s

Heart, and a child’s to a child.

Test of the man if his worth be

In accord with the ultimate plan

That he be not, to his marring,

Always and utterly man.

That he may bring out of the tumult,

Fetter and undefiled,

To woman the heart of a woman

To children the heart of a child.

~ O. Henry ~

A man’s concern is only whether in doing anything he is doing right or wrong—acting the part of a good man or a bad.

~ Plato ~

Almighty God,

I pray that I may seek sincerely those whom I approach with sympathy, and by my honor may they feel the same sincerity for me.


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