Mornings With God

These words I am commanding you today must be kept in mind,

[Deut 6:6 NET]

There is a story in one of the sacred books of the Hindus of a devotee who had served a certain goddess with such faithfulness that she offered to give him whatever he might ask.

She offered him lands and wealth beyond price, but the man said, “alas! I have no need of such things. I already have great estates, abundance of silver and gold, and all the good things of this life. But I am a miser. I cannot enjoy the things I possess. I die of famine, with plenty all around me, and I know nothing of the pleasures that that are common to generous minds. Give me, then, a new heart.”

The goddess looked at him in amazement, and said, “Thou hast asked a thing too difficult,” and she vanished.

But this is the very thing God does for those who ask it. He is able to change the miser’s heart, so that he may find pleasure in blessing others with his gifts. He does this by putting His words into the heart. Then the heart is changed, and the life that was all wrong is made all right.

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