But some who were present indignantly said to one another, “Why this waste of expensive ointment?

[Mark 14:4 NET]

There are some who think that every sacrifice for Christ’s sake, is a waste. They think that money which is given to build churches, or to send missionaries to the heathen, is wasted. They think that lives are wasted which are devoted to Christ and sacrificed in his service. But is it so? Is it really the money that is spent in advancing Christ’s kingdom, which is wasted? Are they the wasted lives, that are emptied out in love for Christ?

There is money that is wasted; but it is that which is used for selfish and sinful purposes, or squandered in the mere extravagances of worldliness. There are lives that are wasted; but they are those which are thrown away in evil courses, sacrificed in pleasure, in dissipation, in lust, in passion’s fires.

Indeed, all lives are wasted–which are not lost for Christ’s sake; for did he not say, “He who saves his life–shall lose it”? To withhold one’s life from Christ–is therefore to waste it. It has been noted as very suggestive, that our Lord uses the self-same word for “wasted” when he describes Judas as a “son of perdition.” Judas had wasted that which was more precious than the ointment of spikenard, even the gift of eternal life which once had been within his reach. What we give to Christ–is indeed all that we do not waste of our life and of our substance.

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