Prayer Guide

But those who wait for the Lord’s help find renewed strength; they rise up as if they had eagles’ wings, they run without growing weary, they walk without getting tired. [Isa 40:31 NET]

By religion I mean the power, whatever it be, which makes a man choose what is hard rather than what is easy; what is lofty and noble rather than what is mean and selfish; that puts courage into timorous hearts and gladness into clouded spirits.

[Arthur C. Benson]

For all noble things the time is long and the way rude…. For every start and struggle of impatience there shall be so much attendant failure…. But the fire which Patience carries in her own hand is that truly stolen from heaven—unquenchable incense of life.

[John Ruskin]

My Father,

I pray that I may not be indifferent to the call of my soul. May I not seek to serve the disappearing and neglect to make life worthy. Acquaint me with the permanent values of life. Make clear the way of strength, that I may not be misled by ease and carried to weakness. May my life be ennobled by the power of my possessions.


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