Today With God

He summoned his son Solomon and charged him to build a temple for the Lord God of Israel.

[1 Chr 22:6 NET]

David was an old man about to die. He had to leave unfinished the great work on which he had set his heart.

So Moses died on the pledge of the Promised Land. Raphael’s wonderful painting of the Transfiguration is an unfinished work. Buckle, the historian, dying in the midst of his years, cried out, “My book! – My book!” He had planned a great history of civilization, of which two volumes only were finished. Disraeli, though full of years and of honors, was heard to utter as his last words, “I am overwhelmed!” He was thinking of the great purposes of his life not yet achieved.

So David was not permitted to see his life–span accomplished.

It is a great comfort to a good father to have a son to whom he can commit his unfinished work, with confidence that the trust will be faithfully executed. It ought to be the highest ambition of the sons of a good father to continue his influence and his work, to build up the house he has planned.

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