Truth For Today

A PURE CONSCIENCE Having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ May be ashamed.

[1 PETER 3:16]

The conscience either accuses or excuses a person, acting as a source of conviction or affirmation. A good conscience doesn’t accuse a believer of sin because he is living a godly life. Instead, a good conscience affirms that everything is well, while an evil conscience points out sin.

A believer is to live with a clear conscience so that the weight of guilt won’t burden him when he faces hostile criticism. However, if he doesn’t have a passion for doing good or serving Christ, he will know the heavy weight of deserved guilt. A defiled conscience can’t be at ease or withstand the onslaught of trials. But a clear conscience will help you not to be anxious or troubled during your trials.

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