Mornings With God

The men of Judah came and there they anointed David as king over the people of Judah. David was told, “The people of Jabesh Gilead are the ones who buried Saul.”

[2 Sam 2:4 NET]

David had been a long time in preparation for his place.

When only a boy he was anointed, but he was not fit then to be a king. He was taken to Saul’s court, where he learned much about the ways of kings. The envy of Saul seemed a bitter thing to break into such a happy career as David’s. But this too had its place in his training. It taught him patience and self–control. It forced him out among the people, away from luxury and refinement, into caves and mountains, where he learned how the common people lived, and was taught sympathy with men in their hardships and trials.

He was a better king afterward, because of his long years of persecution and exile. In these and in other ways was David made ready for his duties as king.

We must not think it strange if we are called to endure trials, temptations, hardships, and suffering in our earlier years, for it is in this way that God would train us for noble character and for larger usefulness.

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