Today With God

They continued to stone Stephen while he prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!”

[Acts 7:59 NET]

Stephen’s speech was only a fragment. The members of the court listened quietly until he came to speak of the temple. Stephen saw the outbreak coming and hastened to his charges against the rulers. In contrast with the rage of the judges, Stephen’s calmness was remarkable. He looked up into heaven with steady gaze, and had a wonderful vision. The heavens were opened, and he saw Jesus. He was standing, having risen up to deliver and help His servant on the earth.

Heaven is not far from earth, and Christ is nigh when we are in trouble.

The court became a wild mob, and Stephen was dragged out and stoned. As the stones were hurled at him, he sank upon his knees and prayed. He called upon Jesus to receive his spirit. For a Christian, dying is only the spirit passing into the hands of Christ. After that he prayed for his murderers. Then he fell asleep. One man who saw all this never forgot it

~ Saul ~

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