Truth For Today

A PASSION FOR GOODNESS Who is he who will harm you if you become followers of what is good?

[1 PETER 3:13]

Most people find it difficult to mistreat those who are fervent in doing good. Those who love to do good are often gracious, unselfish, kind, loving, and caring. But frauds who steal from widows and orphans are not tolerated. Even the ungodly condemn those who make themselves rich at the expense of others.

A person who is generous and thoughtful toward others usually isn’t the object of hostility. That’s Peter’s point in today’s verse. Peter wanted all his readers to zealously pursue doing good. A passion for doing good produces a pure life, which should be the goal and delight of every believer. When you are consumed with godly living, you will lose any appetite for the world’s ungodly attractions.

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