Truth For Today


Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom.

[MATTHEW 9 : 35]

Everything worthwhile in life is the result of someone’s passion. Significant events of human history are the result of a deep and consuming desire to see goals fulfilled. The consuming desire of believers should be to see the gospel reach the world. However, we live in an age that tends to dull our sharpness. Our culture obscures legitimate goals and would rob our faith of its fiery power if given the chance.

Indeed, some Christians are a cold bath for the fiery heart. They just don’t understand someone with a passionate concern about a spiritual enterprise, because spiritual passion is not the norm. The norm is not to let Christianity disrupt your lifestyle. If you follow that, your spiritual temperature will drop and you’ll become apathetic.

We all need to ask ourselves, Where is our burden for evangelism? Why isn’t evangelism the church’s central function? Is the church only a self-indulgent activity center, content with comfort and prosperity?


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