Word of God

The First Miracle

and said to him, “Everyone serves the good wine first, and then the cheaper wine when the guests are drunk. You have kept the good wine until now!”

[John 2:10 NET]

The glory was there before; it had been slumbering in His lowly, human life all along those quiet years of toil and service at Nazareth; but it was now manifested for the first time. This was the first shining out before men of the Divine splendour. We should notice also that it was in a simple act of thoughtful kindness to a perplexed household that this glory was first manifested. Christ did not wait for some great occasion, but threw the earliest gleams of His divine manifestation upon this homely scene. It should be further noticed that it was in the midst of gladness and festivity that these first beams shone forth. Thus we see that the glory of Christ was the radiance of love.

We follow on and we find the same glory burning out more and more brightly, until at last He goes to His cross, manifesting forth in one great act the amazing splendour of the love of God for the world. No wonder His disciples believed on Him when they saw this miracle at Cana. It was a gleam of divinity which flashed forth from His lowly form and wrought the marvellous sign.

We should note, too, before leaving the story of this first miracle, that this transformation of water into wine was a fitting symbol of the whole work of Christ in this world. We have but to look about us and back along the Christian centuries to see the same glory blazing everywhere, the same transformation perpetually going on. Wherever the gospel goes wonderful change is wrought. The desert is made to blossom like a garden. The worst lives are touched and transfigured into spiritual beauty. Who that looks upon the perpetual miracle of Christianity in the world can refuse to believe on Christ? No mere empty creed could produce such results. There is a life in Christianity which quickens and transforms whatever it touches.

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