Mornings With God

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.[Matt 4:1 NET]

Jesus must be tried and proved before He set out on His work of saving the world.

If He could not overcome the Adversary for Himself, He need not offer to be the deliverer of others. He was victorious, and now He can help us in our temptations. If Jesus had made stones into bread for His hunger, He would have been distrusting His Father’s care. If He had cast Himself down from the pinnacle, He would have been claiming God’s protection without doing God’s bidding. If He had accepted the tempter’s offer of the world, He would have been taking Satan’s way to power instead of God’s. When Jesus had won His victory, angels were sent to minister to Him. So always does God bless those who have endured faithfully.

Jesus saved the world by gathering men to Himself. His call was, “Come unto Me.” That is where Christian life must always begin. We must become Christ’s followers before we can do any work for Him.

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