Mornings With God

The king asked, “Is there not someone left from Saul’s family, that I may extend God’s kindness to him?” Ziba said to the king, “One of Jonathan’s sons is left; both of his feet are crippled.”

[2 Sam 9:3 NET]

It seems to have been the nurse’s fault. She ran with the baby and stumbled, and he was crippled for life.

There are a great many men and women lamed for life by somebody’s stumbling. They may not limp necessarily: the lameness may be in their souls, but that is worse than physical laming. One may be lame in one’s feet and yet be beautiful in character.

But the laming of a soul leaves a moral blemish, which may be carried into eternity. It is a terrible thing for any one by a moment’s carelessness or by a misstep to send a man lame and helpless through life; it is worse still to cripple a life, a character, for the eternal years. We cannot be too careful how we live.

Jesus spoke no more solemn words than what He said about the person who causes a little one to stumble. If we live heedlessly we may do this. Let us live ever in the light of Christ.

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