Afternoon With God

One night in Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream. God said, “Tell me what I should give you.”

[1 Kgs 3:5 NET]

Solomon was beginning his reign. God came to him in a dream. The question the Lord asked Solomon is one He asks every young person. Some one says, “If God gave me my choice out of all the things that people desire, I would make a wise choice too.”

God does give to you the same privileges, your choice of all good things. Does not Christ say, “Ask, and ye shall receive”?

The days are like messengers from God, and we do not know what they carry and offer to us. We take a few simple things and let the divine messenger pass on.

“But why must I make a choice?” some one asks. “God is wiser than I am. He knows what is the best thing in all the world for me. Why does He not Himself choose for me, giving me that which is best? Why must I in my ignorance and inexperience choose for myself?”

One of the strange things about our life is that we must make our own choice. Even God cannot choose for the feeblest of His children.

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