Word of God


After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, in the time of King Herod, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem

[Matt 2:1 NET]

That was the most wonderful birth that ever occurred in this world. It is not strange there were so many remarkable events accompanying it , that angels came down to announce it and to sing their song of rejoicing, and that wise men came from afar to pay their homage. It was the Son of God incarnate that slept His first sleep in the manger of Bethlehem.

This is so great a mystery that we cannot understand it; yet we know that the same One who then became flesh had been from all eternity with God, that He was God, that He made all things, that in Him was the fountain of all life and blessedness. That a child should be born was not a strange thing; a child is born in this world with every heart-beat. That a child should be born in a stable was not a remarkable occurrence in that country. But when we remember who it was that was made flesh that night, we find ourselves in the presence of the most stupendous wonder of all ages.

We should certainly come with the shepherds and the Magi to pay our homage at the cradle of this same glorious child-King. The Magi came hundreds of miles to find Christ. The journey was difficult and perilous, and very costly. We ought to count no toil or sacrifice too great to find Christ. We ought to be ready to go thousands of miles, if need be, to find Him. He is the pearl of great price, and we shall be well repaid for our quest, though it cost us the loss and sacrifice of all things, and though we even have to lay down our lives to gain Him.

We notice also that it is not always those who are nearest to Christ who first see His glory. He was born right among the Jews, but nobody went out from Jerusalem to worship Him. Shall it be so with us? Shall we miss the blessing of seeing the Saviour who is so near?

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