Mornings With God

Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

[Rom 5:1 NET]

Peace with God is the beginning of all Christian peace.

Mount Etna casts a shadow every morning over all the fair and beautiful island of Sicily. The people, as they go on with their work or their pleasure, do not allow themselves to think of the shadow or to speak of it. It seems ominous of doom as it moves silently over their gardens and homes. The shadow reminds them that within the terrible mountain slumber the fires which any hour may pour ruin over every lovely scene. It is a more ominous shadow than that of Etna, which lies over this world – the curse of sin.

No one can be at peace until he is reconciled to God. But when we believe on Jesus Christ we are safe from condemnation, and have peaces with God. Then all good things follow.

We are God’s friends and He is our Friend. We are at home now with Him. His power is our refuge, a shelter for our feebleness amid all life’s perils.

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