Prayer Guide

And life will be brighter than the noonday; though there be darkness, it will be like the morning.

[Job 11:17 NET]


Nature demands that man be ever at the top of his condition. He who violates her laws must pay the penalty, though he sit on a throne.

~ James G. Elaine ~

Dig channels for the streams of love,

Where they may broadly run;

And love has overflowing streams

To fill them every one.

For we must share if we must keep

The good things from above;

Ceasing to give, we cease to have—

Such is the law of love.

~ R. C. Trench ~


My Father, I would remember that it is mostly from my inspirations that I conceive life. Take away hatred and vanity that keep me in faults, and awake in me the thoughts that are responsible for visions that lead to high ideals. Amen.

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