Mornings With God

For her benefit is more profitable than silver, and her gain is better than gold.

[Prov 3:14]

There is something that gives better returns than silver or gold in the world’s markets. It is better to be wise than to be rich. A proper use of wisdom yields larger and better gains than the best use of money. Wisdom increases continually in the life of him who possesses it.

Take the wisdom of trusting God, and how experience enlarges it! The timid faith of today becomes the heroic confidence of tomorrow.

Or take the wisdom of loving others. Only begin it and practice it, and your heart will expand and your hand will acquire new skill in ministering. Many a young person with only a commonplace life, by simple beginning in a small way to help others and do good, has at length attained a measure of helpfulness that is simply amazing.

A sailor boy brought home to his mother a little flower from some foreign land, and all the fuchsias in England are the harvest from that little kindness.

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