Daily Prayer Guide

“Surely, God does not reject a blameless man, nor does he grasp the hand of the evildoers. He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with gladness. — [Job 8:20-21]

A blue bird built his nest

Here in my breast.

“O bird of Light! Whence comest thou?”

Said he, “From God above:

My name is Love.”

A mate he brought one day,

Of plumage gray.

“O bird of Night! Why comest thou?”

Said she: “Seek no relief!

My name is Grief.”

~ Laurence Alma-Tadema ~

It is not so much resolution as renunciation, not so much courage as resignation, that we need. He that has once yielded thoroughly to God will yield to nothing but God.

~ John Ruskin ~


Almighty God, help me to understand that peace does not come in rebellion or grieving, but is obtained through the calm of the soul. Grant that if I may be perplexed or worried to-day, I may have the power to control myself and wait in thy strength. Amen.

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