Daily Prayer Guide

I said to myself, ‘Age should speak, and length of years should make wisdom known.’ It is not the aged who are wise, nor old men who understand what is right. [Job 32:7,9]

Years rush by us like the wind, we see not whence the eddy comes, nor whitherward it is tending, and we seem ourselves to witness their flight without a sense that we are changed: and yet time is beguiling man of his strength, as the winds rob the trees of their foliage.

~ Sir Walter Scott ~

The bell strikes one. We take no note of Time

But from its loss. To give it, then a tongue

Is wise in man; as if an angel spoke

I feel the solemn sound. If heard aright

It is the knell of my departed hours:

Where are they?

~ Edward Young ~


Lord God,

Help me to see my mistakes, and bring me to the realization of my life. Grant that I may no longer use the time that thou gavest me to learn in, heedlessly, but to give it my best thought and care.


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