Daily Prayer Guide

Reveal your light and your faithfulness! They will lead me, they will escort me back to your holy hill, and to the place where you live.

[Ps 43:3]

Janus am I; oldest of potentates;

Forward I look, and backward, and below

I count, as god of avenues and gates,

The years that through my portals come and go.

I block the roads, and drift the fields with snow;

I chase the wild fowl from the frozen fen;

My frosts congeal the rivers in their flow,

My fires light up the hearths and hearts of men.

~ Henry W. Longfellow ~

Old things need not be therefore true,

O brother men, nor yet the new;

Ah! still awhile the old thought retain,

And yet consider it again

We! what do we see? each a space

Of some few yards before his face;

Does that the whole wide plan explain?

Ah, yet consider it again!

Alas! the great world goes its way,

And takes its truth from each new day;

They do not quit, nor can retain,

Far less consider it again.

~ Arthur Hugh Clough ~

There are two sorts of content; one is connected with exertion, the other habits of indolence. The first is a virtue; the other a vice.

~ Maria Edgeworth ~


Almighty God,

Lead me in the search for life. Teach me what is important and what is unimportant; what is false, and what is true. Remove the hindrances that keep me from the worthiest deeds, and grant that I may have the peace that comes with surrender of self to thy will.


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