Mornings With God

So teach us to consider our mortality, so that we might live wisely.

[Ps 90:12]

The last day of a year should make us thoughtful. We cannot but ask whether we have been faithful, whether we have done all our duty, and whether we have learned the lessons set for us during the year. There is none who has not come short, and who has left no duty undone. There is none who has left no white page blotted.

One purpose of life is that we may grow, that in all the experiences of our days we may be learning new lessons and becoming better. Growth of the body is not all, nor is growth in knowledge the test of living. One may be physically stronger and yet be no better in character. One may know a great deal more and yet be no wiser. We are growing only when the peace of our heart is becoming deeper, when we love more and are gentler, sweeter, and more unselfish. We shall want to make this last day of the year very beautiful – beautiful enough to be the last of our life. We should leave no duty undone when its last hour strikes.

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