Eternal Perspectives

O happy souls, that keep themselves awake to God in the midst of this dreaming world! Happy indeed, when our Lord shall call us out of these dusky regions, and we shall answer his call with holy joy, and spring upward to the inheritance of the saints in light! Then all the seasons of darkness, and slumbering, will be finished for ever; there is no need of laborious watchfulness in that world. . . . There is no want of the sun-beams to make their day-light, or to irradiate that city; the glory of God enlightens it with divine splendors, and the Lamb is the light thereof: No inhabitant can sleep under such an united blaze of grace and glory: No faintings of nature, no languors or weariness are found in all that vital climate; every citizen is for ever awake and busy under the beams of that glorious day; zeal, and love, and joy, are the springs of their eternal activity, and there is no night there.

Isaac Watts

[The World to Come]

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