A Sign From Heaven

Come Christmas time, one of the things you’ll hear or sing about is the virgin birth—how Christ was born of the virgin, Mary. The prophet Isaiah actually calls this “a sign” from the Lord. Now, why is this a sign? Obviously, it’s a miraculous sign because a virgin cannot give birth to a child let alone conceive. But there is another reason the virgin birth is a sign for us.

Because Jesus was conceived supernaturally without human intervention, His blood was divine, holy and untainted by human sin! And that’s why it was perfectly qualified and perfectly able to wash away every sin of mankind when it was shed at the cross.

Today, the efficacious blood of Jesus has perfectly washed you clean of every trace of sin and given you everlasting righteousness. And the more you know and believe this truth, the less sin-conscious you’ll be as you become more righteousness-conscious. And when you’re righteousness-conscious, you will live right and reign in life!

~ Joseph Prince ~

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