Then I heard every creature … saying: “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!”.

[Revelation 5:13]

The Lamb of God has inspired more songs than all other creatures combined, and many hymns owe their inspiration to the praise-filled verses of Revelation that extol the Lamb that was slain. Horatius Bonar builds this hymn of praise from the worshipful words sung in heaven.


Blessing and honor and glory and power,

Wisdom and riches and strength evermore,

Give ye to Him who our battle hath won,

Whose are the Kingdom, the crown, and the throne.

Soundeth the heaven of the heavens with His name;

Ringeth the earth with His glory and fame;

Ocean and mountain, stream, forest and flower

Echo His praises and tell of His power.

Ever ascendeth the song and the joy;

Ever descendeth the love from on high;

Blessing and honor and glory and praise—

This is the theme of the hymns we raise.

Give we the glory and praise to the Lamb;

Take we the robe and the harp and the palm;

Sing we the song of the Lamb that was slain,

Dying in weakness, but rising to reign.


In 1432 Jan van Eyck painted his now famous Adoration of the Lamb. In the center of that painting Christ stands as the Lamb of God, blood pouring from his sacrificial wounds. All around are gathered worshipers of the Lamb. Yet the Lamb is not lying on the altar near death. Instead he stands tall and straight, in triumph and splendor. Death has been defeated.

It is no wonder he is worthy of praise. This Lamb is your Lord.

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