Morning Devotional



But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand.

[2 Peter 2:12]

Contrary to the popular notion, ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignoring what you know to be true is dangerous; ridiculing what you choose to ignore can be deadly.

Peter speaks of the consequences for those who ignore the truth about God. And Thomas Manton examines some of the reasons men “blaspheme in matters they do not understand.”


“I observe that truth is usually slandered out of ignorance.

“In the apostles’ days, the doctrine of the cross was thought to be foolish by those who knew the least about it. Later, the Christian religion was condemned without having been heard.

“It is the devil’s cunning to keep us at a distance from truth, and burden it with prejudices, so that we may suspect rather than search, and condemn out of ignorance what upon knowledge we can only love.

“When we speak out against things, we should speak out of advised knowledge, not rash zeal.

“It is a vain thing to begin with the emotions, and to hate before we know. Rash prejudices engage men in opposition, and they will not admit the truth when presented to them.

“Having hated it without knowledge, they hate it against knowledge, and so are hardened against the ways of God.”


Ignoring the facts will never change the facts. But it will change the way the facts impact your life.

When confronted with the Word of God, many have staked their lives on it; others have ridiculed it. The former have found everlasting life; the latter stand “condemned already” (John 3:18).

When confronted with God’s truth, do you respond, “I don’t know,” “I don’t understand,” “I don’t care,” or “I don’t dare say no”?

That’s a question you cannot ignore.

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