You Are The Disciple Whom Jesus Loves

Meditate on John 15:9

[As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love.]

I used to think that of all the disciples Jesus loved, John was most loved by the Lord because the Bible calls him “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” Then one day, I discovered that the phrase, “the disciple whom Jesus loved,” only appears in John’s Gospel. In other words, it was John who called himself the disciple whom Jesus loved!

Was John being arrogant? Did Jesus love him more than the rest? No, Jesus loved all 12 disciples the same, but John knew it and he personalized and practiced Jesus’ love for him.

My friend, that’s what you ought to do too. Don’t just say, “Yes, yes, Jesus loves everybody.” Say, “Jesus loves ME!” Say, “I am the student whom Jesus loves,” or “I am the mom whom Jesus loves!” Every day, personalize, practice and rest in Jesus’ love for you. Expect good things to happen to you when you believe that Jesus loves YOU in an intimate and personal way!

~ Joseph Prince ~

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