Morning Devotional


So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

[Hebrews 10:35]

The altitude, unpredictable weather and rugged terrain all combine to make mountain climbing a harrowing adventure. If an unsuspecting, poorly equipped hiker gets caught by a sudden storm, he or she may be in serious danger.

In life, as in mountain climbing, signposts guide the inexperienced. And it’s often the hidden, unexpected dangers that pose the greatest threat to your soul’s survival. Charles Hodge points to the signs that warn you of spiritual danger.


“One great and fatal offense under the Old Testament was apostasy from the worship of Jehovah. This was punishable by death. It admitted of no repentance.

“The author strives to impress upon his readers that their danger was the same, their crime if they forsook Christ would be greater, and their punishment far more severe. It was greater, as much as Christ was greater than Moses, and his blood more sacred than that of bulls and goats.

“We still need this caution and exhortation. Our danger from within is an evil heart, not to be despised, not to be neglected, but strenuously watched. Our danger also comes from the influence of the world, its avocations, its amusements, its spirit, its opinions leading to indifference, tolerance of unbelief, and unfaithfulness.”


Affluence, deceptive teaching, improper thought life, worldly pleasures, immorality, just plain laziness—each of these can tempt you to “throw away your confidence” by chipping away at your faith. The pathway to destruction isn’t necessarily taken with giant steps. More often than not, it’s taken with little shuffles.

But God delights in those who diligently guard their faith, standing firmly in the confidence of his Word and pressing on toward the goal of Christlikeness—regardless of their earthly circumstances or tribulations.

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