Evening Devotional

Rest your hope fully on the grace that is

brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

[1 PETER 1:13]

You’ve heard plenty of sermons and seen plenty of books on love and faith, but have you ever heard a message or read a book on hope? For some reason, we often ignore hope. Hope is a missing element in the Christian experience of our culture. We don’t live in hope primarily because we focus too much on our present circumstances.

What is hope? It is the Christian’s attitude toward the future. Hope in its essence is like faith. Both have trust, or a belief in God, as their focus, but there’s a difference between them. Faith is believing God in the present, and hope is believing God for the future. Faith believes God for what He has done, and hope believes God for what He will do.

Fix your hope on Him and live in anticipation of the glorious fulfillment of His future promise.

~ John MacArthur ~

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