Strength Today

For the thing is very near you – it is in your mouth and in your mind so that you can do it.

[Deut 30:14]

But, above all, the victory is most sure

For him, who, seeking faith by virtue, strives

To yield entire obedience to the Law

Of Conscience; Conscience reverenced and obeyed,

As God’s most intimate presence in the soul,

And His most perfect image in the world.


What we call Conscience is the voice of Divine love in the deep of our being, desiring union with our will; and which, by attracting the affections inward, invites them to enter into the harmonious contentment, and “fulness of joy” which attends the being joined by “one spirit to the Lord.”


I rejoice that God has bestowed upon you a relish and inclination for the inner life. To be called to this precious and lofty life is a great and undeserved grace of God, to which we ought to respond with great faithfulness. God invites us to His fellowship of love, and wishes to prepare our spirit to be His own abode and temple.


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