Evening Devotional


You then, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

[2 Timothy 2:1]

There is something remarkable—and unexpected—about many who receive that cherished accolade “tower of strength.” They are neither towering physically nor strong emotionally.

David Brainerd was one such individual. Though physically weak and given to periods of depression, Brainerd was greatly used by God among the American Indians.

Read carefully as Jonathan Edwards, who cared for the dying young missionary, probes the inward strength behind this quiet giant.


“That Brainerd’s temper or constitution inclined him to despondency is no reason to suppose that his extraordinary devotion was simply the fruit of his imagination.

“Certainly his natural disposition had some influence in his religious exercises, as it did in the lives of King David, and the apostles Peter, John, and Paul. There was undoubtedly some mixture of melancholy with true godly sorrow and real Christian humility: some mixture of the natural fire of youth with his holy zeal for God.

“In spite of these imperfections, every careful reader will readily acknowledge that what is here set before him is a remarkable instance of true piety in heart and practice, and that it is most worthy of imitation.”


Edwards’s words are from the introduction to The Life and Diary of David Brainerd, a remarkable account of one man’s walk with God.

No matter what your age or personality, you can walk with God as David Brainerd did. You may not look like a tower of spiritual strength, but you can be one—by cultivating your relationship with God.

Your appearance may be unassuming, your manner quiet and reserved, but remember—greatness in God’s sight begins in the heart.

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