Evening Devotional

The Psalmist praises God for bottomless love and forgiveness. There is no pronouncement that God is free of anger — just that anger will not be harbored forever. This is because the love of God is bigger than anyone could possibly imagine.

Why does God forgive? Because God loves more than the human mind can comprehend, and out of that boundless love comes forgiveness. This is how we are called to forgive too — out of love. Without keeping score or requiring the other person to feel sorry. Simply out of love.

How does this even work in real life? You might remember the shooting in a Charleston church in 2015. Many relatives of the victims, who were shot in a Bible study, could tell you something about forgiveness, because many of them offered forgiveness to the shooter before he even went to trial. One relative said, “I wanted to hate you, but my faith tells me no.” Out of their love for God, and God’s love for them, they forgave.

~ Kirstin Swanson ~

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