Food For Thought

Guidelines for emergency preparedness tells us to have at least one gallon of water per person for at least three days and at least three days of non-perishable food per person. That’s a situation we hope to never find ourselves in, but at least we know how to be prepared.

Moses sees God in a burning bush, and God tells him to go to Egypt to free the Israelites. How was Moses supposed to prepare for this? I don’t think there are any set guidelines for this situation.

There will be moments when we’re woefully unprepared, moments that we wonder who am I to be called by God?. In these times, God reminds us, “I’ll be with you.” Knowing the name of God provides us comfort and helps give us context in our calling. We can be reminded that God has sent many before us and that God, whose name stays the same forever, will always be with us. While we feel unprepared on our own, God has been preparing our hearts and minds for our calling.

~ Ben Brown ~

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