Food For Thought

It’s easy for us to confuse being “smart” with being “wise.” We live in a culture where being smart and going to good schools, getting a great job, getting paid a lot of money, etc. is often how we define success. But for people of faith, wisdom does not mean a relentless pursuit of getting ahead but rather the humble and loving pursuit of being in right relationship with God and one another. Our culture encourages us to #humblebrag, but our faith invites us to #lovelikeJesus.

My friend Emma Goodhouse-Doll is an enrolled member of the Hunkpapa Lakota, and her Lakota name is Winyan čík’ala. In her community, when something lifts you up, you say that you feel humbled, rather than feeling powerful. That focus on humility rather than power seems like true wisdom to me.

How are you demonstrating the wisdom of loving like Jesus in your daily life?

~ Heidi J. Kim ~

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