Morning Devotional

Have you ever struggled to find the words to express what’s going on inside you? Maybe the pain was too great, the questions too big, or the tragedy too awful. You weren’t even sure where to begin in your prayers or what words to use. At times, it seems like a deep sigh, an anguished scream, or sobbing tears are the best expressions of our prayers.

This verse from Romans tells us that can be enough. There’s some mystery at work here — things going on beyond what we can see and fully understand. When we struggle to find words for our prayers, the Holy Spirit is expressing our inner struggles.

There will be times when our prayers consist of only a breathless Help! or Why? or What next?. There will also be times when we can’t even find or utter those words. In all these times, the Spirit is at work in and through us. God knows our hearts, even when we can’t find the words.

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