Morning Prayer

Dear God,

I worship You, My King Eternal, for You are glorious and wonderful. There is none like You. Thank You for redeeming me from curses, slavery of sin, chains of Satan, and unfruitfulness. 

Thank You, Father God, for establishing me in the realm of protection and preservation from all evils and devices of my enemies’ hateful intentions and plans, and of soundness of mind, and of complete spiritual and physical healing. Thank You for sending Your angels to minister to me when I am tired, weary, and in despair. Give me grace not to detract from or nullify with my thoughtful words the victory Jesus” blood has already achieved for me. 

Encourage me and increase my faith to receive every morning the abundance of Your grace to reign triumphantly in the position You have called me to be. Help me rule over the powers of darkness, negative and depressing thoughts, proclivity toward sin, and over all kinds of attacks from the evil one. Be attentive to me, when I call upon You, Lord. 

Satisfy me every morning with Your loving-kindness, mercy, and grace so that I may rejoice in Your favor all the days of my life equal to or more than the days You have allowed the devourer to afflict me. Refresh me and fill me with Your tangible presence. Let Your river of mercy to wash over me. I pray that You deliver me and vindicate me and honor me before the very people who are expecting me to fail and be ruined. Establish me in Your Word so that I am always comforted. Preserve me from troubles. Command a formation of angels to defend me and to bring about in my life the victory and success You have already accomplished for me. 

In Jesus” name, I pray. Amen

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