Late Night Prayer

Dear Lord, 

Thank You that You know me intimately. You are a big God who loves to forgive. You change us from the inside out. Many are the tempting ways of today’s world that may lead us astray from you. Lord, let us not be slaves of our own stubbornness and sin but spread Your wings and takes us in the secure refuge of your love and forgiveness. Protect us and lift us up when we fall down, guiding us and leading us on the only good way, that of your son, Jesus Christ. Please bless us and teach us to find our rest in you. I believe, O Lord God, that You hear our voice and You care for us. You alone are our hope. Our flesh and abilities may fail. However, since the Almighty God is the strength of our heart, Father God, You will make us rise above all the troubles that is besetting us and You will lead us triumphantly. I believe and claim Your promise that ‘ your bread shall be given you and your cruse of oil will not fail’. I submit fully unto You, Yahweh, and I invite to be Master of every sphere of my life. 

Please protect us from the evil one and restore our joy, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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