Morning Devotional 

Experience True Freedom in God’s Word

Sanctify them in the truth; Thy word is truth.

[JOHN 17:17]

The truth is found in God’s word, and in His Son, Jesus Christ. And there is freedom in knowing the truth. The film Amistad depicted the story of a ship of African slaves who fought for their freedom through the U. S. legal system. Three times their case came to trial, and each trial yielded the same result: three decisions for freedom. In both the factual evidence presented and in the climactic argument before the Supreme Court, one crucial element operated in the Africans’ favor: truth. 

When falsehood triumphs in our lives, we remain enslaved. Besetting sins, addictions and disobedience wreak their tragic consequences. We yearn for freedom, but only God’s truth has the power to set us free. The truth we need to release us from our chains comes from the disciplined study of scripture. Truth about God, ourselves, and the awesome power of the gospel often lies just below a surface reading. Only deep exploration and submission to God’s word yields the truth that explodes falsehoods and frees us from our chains.

~ Dr. Edwin Young ~

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