Morning Prayer

Dear Father, 

You are God who is always there close to the brokenhearted. I worship You, Father, because You save Your children who are crushed in spirit. Even as no one is more powerful and mighty than You are, there is no one more compassionate and kinder than You are. You are aware of every pulse and spasms of my soul and body. In Your infinite wisdom You let Your children go through some harrowing wilderness journey experiences to build our character, faith, and our dependence on You. I confess, Lord my puny mind can’t comprehend all the means You use. And this journey through this barren and howling wasteland becomes very lonely and wearisome. The heat of issues I face is too hard to endure for me. I pray that You shield me and care for me. Help me experience the light of Your presence shining on me. Keep me as the apple of Your eye. Let Your good Spirit to instruct me in Your ways. Let Your word to wash over me and let it permeate into the depths of my being. Let Your love to suffuse into every sinew of my body. Let Your love and joy be present in every synapse of my heart and brain. Keep me safe in the cleft of the rock of Your presence for Your mercy’s sake. 

In Jesus ‘name. Amen.

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