Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, God who sees. 

No creature is hidden from Your sight, but all are naked and exposed to Your eyes.  God, You desire truth in the inner parts. Your eyes go to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Yourself Mighty on the behalf of the one whose heart is true toward You.  Lord. build the broken alter of my heart and purge it with the precious blood of Jesus Christ so that my service to You and the praise offering I bring to You may be acceptable in Your eyes. It’s not in my power to sanctify and consecrate the alter of my heart befitting to the glory of Your holiness. 

Give me a heart of flesh and make it sensitive to the convictions brought to it by Your Holy Sprit so that I can honestly confess my sins to You and seek Your forgiveness. Father, make my heart Your captive and have complete control over it. Help me linger in Your presence until I experience Your love being washed over my heart. Let me not go away empty. I need You, Father. Please don’t let go of me. Lay Your hands on me afresh and help me inhale the powerful fragrance of anointing that can only come from You. Without Your anointing I cannot dodge the snares of the Evil One. Open my heart so that Your divine power and goodness may flow through me . I give you the fears and anxieties of my heart and mind. Teach my heart Your wisdom and renew my mind with Your Holy Spirit that I may overcome all things through the power of Jesus Christ within me. 

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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