Morning Prayer 

Dear Jesus Christ,

I worship You because You are the Dayspring from on high shining light on my darkness and guiding my feet on to the path of life everlasting and into the way of peace. I worship You, Loving Master Jesus, because the fullness of Elohim lives in You and You are in charge of every ruler and authority. Nobody can surpass or circumvent Your decree and will and decisions. I thank You, Jesus Messiah, the Anointed, for Your love for me that frees my soul from the chains of the evil one. You are all together wonderful, Glorious King Jesus Christ. I bow before You and submit my all to You, Jesus, my Redeemer, my Divine Physician, and my Eternally Wise Teacher. Allow me to sit at Your feet and be covered with the dust of Your feet and to learn from You because in You are hidden the treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Lord Jesus, help me to abide in You and be spiritually minded so that I may have an abundant life and be filled with Your all surpassing peace. Help me stay closer to so that I may experience an increased intimacy with Yahweh God, my Father. Help me lead a life focused on You so that I may be driven to obey God’s commandments that sanctify me continually. My Most Compassionate Jesus, I pray that You renew my mind by taking total control of my mind so that I may be intellectually and spiritually enlightened and that I may have clarity of thoughts and ideas. Jesus, remind me always my position before God because of my dependence and faith in Your atoning sacrifice on the Calvary so that I may not be swayed by the state of my emotional feelings. I need Your constant assurance to be victorious in my Christian life and my earthly life. 


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