Evening Prayer

Dearest Father, I thank You, that my life and destiny are in Your hands. I have found You to be faithful hitherto. I am confident that You won’t be unfaithful today or in the future. 

I thank You, my Merciful Father, that I am always surrounded by Your awesome power. I thank You, Jesus that I am always wonderfully protected and comforted by Your grace. In my weak self, I am often frightened. The uncertainties and vicissitudes of this life constantly test me and challenge me. 

Father, I am tired and exhausted. I pray that You release my days from the chains of the evil spirits that are trying to stop me from enjoying the abundant life and salvation for which You created me. Lord my life fully belongs to You. And I want to live my days with You and for You. I pray that stillness of Your peace may spread over me. I pray that You help me live in the confidence that You are certainly with me every moment of my life shining Your light on me. I pray that the light of Your countenance glows warm and bright into my darkness so that I may see Your hand in everything I face. Help me live in the fullness of life You desire for me to live. I humble, God, before You. I pray that You do a mighty work in me and through me bringing glory to Your awesome name. I thank You in advance for all the wonderful things You are going to do in my life. 

In Jesus’ s name, Amen.

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