Morning Devotional 

At times, the bearer of good news may be in for a rude awakening! Not everyone will receive it as such.
In Acts 5 the apostles were on trial for declaring the gospel of a risen Savior. The threat of personal injury was real. Was the Good News urgent enough to risk even that?

Martin Luther probes the attitude of the disciples—people who were willing to pay a high price to carry a precious message.


“See to it when you suffer persecution that you have a genuine divine cause for which you suffer and you are truly convinced of it.

“Then you can have the confidence to say: This cause does not belong to me but to Christ, my Lord. At his word I will take the risk of doing and forsaking whatever I should.

“ ‘Who cares if a foolish emperor fumes in his rage and threatens as long as I am right with God in heaven?’ He who comforts you and takes pleasure in you is almighty and eternal. When it is all over, he will still be with you.

“Be grateful and happy in your heart that you are worthy of suffering, like the apostles who went forth leaping for joy over the fact that they were disgraced and beaten.”


The disciples feared no earthly tyrant because they answered to the God of heaven.

Suffering could not daunt them. Threats could not deter them.

On the contrary, they rejoiced to suffer shame for the one who suffered for them.

Have your attempts at sharing the Good News of Christ resulted in ridicule or rejection? Then you are in good company!

Remember whose cause it is—and whose comfort you are promised—when your “good news” for others turns into “bad news” for you

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